Lifted Leakage

by Lifted Mindz



L0G0z, ElODA, Wolphe, Optimystic & Xela take a quick break from recording their first full length studio album to bring you this free compilation mixtape with some of the LMZ Fam. Teaming up with Nico Oftelie, Ackronem, Caleb Hinz, MGT, Phrym8, Bob Dolemite [NotPorn], Rylo, DJ Adatrak, & Irenic. This tape includes some of the most talented producers in the scene today, and was recorded at Lifted Mindz Dojo and mastered at Xela's studio at his crib.

Jam this, Dance to this, Make love to this, talk shit about this, it doesn't matter its all for you and we'll be coming at you with a lot more soon!


released May 20, 2012

Album Cover Art By Kevin Dickey



all rights reserved


Lifted Mindz (LMZ)

"An organic blend of hip-hop, rock, and acoustic guitar, Lifted Mindz’ music speaks to a generation that is constantly in flux and looking for meaning. Their music is driven by one philosophy: that living to help others and spreading love can radically change the world we live in for the better ... more

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Track Name: Wolphe & Xela - Wrong Moves
I've got a little bit of stress built up in my head
I'm always feeling dizzy like i'm walking on a thread
and i'm so fed up with this stupid defense
maybe it'll all go away when i'm dead
i never did my homework just wrote words instead
own a diploma? no thanks, fuck that
don't believe in medications i smoke dro instead
but sometimes i don't have herb so i just smoke rez
If it comes from the earth im down to experiment
booze, shrooms, o2, and a little bit of cid
i quit doing blow cause it scared my parents
but despite all of that i've never failed a drug test
i drive too fast think my foots made of led
i still haven't paid my tickets cause i gotta pay my rent
i just got probation sucessfully, Again
but the cops took my bag with all the paint and the pens
I've been in an insane asylum, walls and a bed
wearin rags, white tags, no name, barely fed
all because i stood on the top of a bridge
just to get a good view of the gorgeous sunset
I don't start fights but myself i'll defend
I won't hit first but my fists they will end it
in fact thats what always got my ass suspended
if i was around all of my teachers were offended
I dont know why because i tried to pretend
like i cared when i was there, but thats often
maybe it's because i committed arson
right in the middle of the auditorium
but enough about me, let me tell you about my friend
he rolls so deep that he flies when he spins
tearing up the turn tables bending every sense
plenty educated, clever, creative, innovative
a blend never even heard, made of everything absurd
so observe you should learn while we set a new trend
there's so much to be said before it comes to an end
so let me take a step back and let this mutherfucker shred
Track Name: Wolphe & Caleb Hinz - Conscious
A dream for tomorrow
I scream for my sorrow
At a world with only a moon
Reap words you swallow
Keep what you borrow
And we'll live for today

The devil came chasing me
So i wait patiently
Aching with every step that i take
I can't keep a straight face
It's way too easy to fool you

Once again we are left with our enemy
Drenched in regret with the right to be free
Such a breath taking sight to be seen
Oh how i live to escape

A dream for tomorrow
I scream for my sorrow
At a world with only a moon
Reap words you swallow
Keep what you borrow
And we'll live for today

You better know your place on this stage if you wanna be great, keep pushing for my rage, i'm on empty

Written beneath your skin you defied your own reflection
Let it begin so we can find out lone deceit to nest in
I'm testing myself by even speaking preconceived investments
My next step is death so i best not mess with restlessness
My chest aches as my heart begins rebirth
My skull breaks as my brain is detained
So what's worth what's worse, gettin stuck in reverse
Don't give a fuck, not living up to nothing
Driving your own hearse

A dream for tomorrow
I scream for my sorrow
At a world with only a moon
Reap words you swallow
Keep what you borrow
And we'll live for today
Track Name: Optimystic & Wolphe & Rylo - Duende
This song is about people

We have come a long way, and we have a long way to keep going...

This song is for you

I've been blessed
with notes and rests
came from east to west
just to lay my head down
On this solemn stone I carve broken bones and bad quotes to make armor
Bad Karma will always catch up
Bodhi Dharma never spoke loud enough
i know we all feel like bike spokes its tough just spinning and spinning and spinning so out of control but theres love

I'm fluent in below the influence
I'm looking at a world of discontent
and issues but its a misuse of your consciousness as I'm puffing on this Parliament I can't find enough in my pocket to make change for the common zen+s
We were drowning in arguments
trying to turn lead to gold pound for pound but we lost our heads
but it all connects
I saw her waiting under rain clouds wonder how the pain sounds in the past tense
I'm deciphering your body language through fibonnaci sequences climbing out the hole that anguish sealed me in, speaking in tounges she taught me how to take chances
now I pour a little liquor out when we raise glasses

Ashtrays filled with bad days memories I used to tell you I'd do anything for you to remember me
gave you kiss
said goodbye

yeah it ends like this

All Along
She knew exactly where i belong

Build it all up, and then watch it fall
(back down to the earth)
We search to solve, it hopes to dissolve
(back down into dirt)
The waves are calm, flowing through her arms
(too afraid to get hurt)
I travel slow, waiting for rebirth
(or do i get to die first)

Skin red from the sun under her flushed cheeks
never getting enough of what she's given me
while we're living free, will you believe in me
and let me slither up your breast and rest in peace
Sea sick from spinning me around (and around)
i'm feeling dizzy but i love how it calms me down
hidden behind the clouds of smoke and fog
i hear her calling my name
bang! bang! bang! someone's knocking at the back door
i just keep on riding till i hit the shore
never looking back crooked path driven by the oars
made of feathers from the bird with the scarlet tail
reborn anew to live again like my old soul
but informed all knowing from my gravestone
being dragged by the wind leaving a paved road
for the slave to discover when he hops the boat
bang! bang! bang! all the stars are falling from the sky
i better stick out my tongue and sing a lullaby
i just keep smiling till i hit the floor
just keep running through every open door
i know i'll see it through and eventually be free
i already have the patience to grow my wings
chasing beez all the way up the tree
leave me hanging like an ornament
(My IdEntity)

All along
(all along I've known)
She knew exactly where i belong
(So now we wait)

I got a black box full of your old memories you see me from the sky where I'm meant to be
know it's peace
gave you a kiss
Didn't get to say goodbye but it ends like this

(Christina Aguilera)
Rest in peace, thank you